MBDA Student Workers in Archives

(from left: Berry College Students Chelsea, Haley, Meg, Adriana, Austin)

The Martha Berry Digital Archive (MBDA) is a collaborative, participatory, and interdisciplinary project. Development of MBDA would not be possible without the hands-on support of our undergraduate imaging and editing team. This student team is scanning primary source documents, using Dublin Core to describe the documents, tagging and joining documents, and offering valuable perspective by writing LOTWs, blog posts, educational materials, and MBDA site content.


Allison Moore (Fa 14 – Spr 17): I am a senior history major and business minor at from Berry College. I have always loved museums and after graduation I plan to purse a master’s degree in public/applied history with a focus in costume history. My work with MBDA provides me with unprecedented career experience while allowing me to engage with the rich history of Berry.

Jordan Brannen (Fa 14 – Spr 17): I am a senior History and Upper Grades Education double major from Sugar Hill, Georgia. I love history and I think it can tell us a great deal on how to solve problems today. I also play football  for Berry College and hope to teach History and coach football at the high school level after graduation.

Olivia Mund (Spr 15 – Spr 17): I am a senior creative writing and creative technologies double major from Louisville, Tennessee. My hope is to be able to work in a scientific research laboratory and write poetry and novels on the side. Working with MBDA has been an incredible opportunity to learn more about Martha Berry and the history of the college, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Cassie LaJeunesse (Spr 17 – Present)

Ethan Carroll (Fa 17 – Present)

MBDA Student Workers in Archives MBDA Student Workers in Archives MBDA Student Workers in Archives


Camille Hanner (Spr 17) – Chloë Lombard (Spr 17) – Rachel Renaud (Spr 13 – Spr 16) - Daniel Warner (Spr 15) - Adriana Spencer (Fa 12 – Spr 15) - Meg Ratliff (Fa 11 – Spr 15) - Chelsea Risley (Fa 11 – Spr 15) - Daniel Warner (Spr 15) - Lindsey Purvis (Fa 13 – Spr 15) - Austin Amandolia (Fa 13 – Spr 14) - Haley Fortune (Fa 13 – Spr 14) - Haessler, Kasey (Spr 12 – Spr 13) - Holland, John (Su 11 – Fa 12) - Jennifer B. (Spr 12) - Melissa Delozier (Spr 12) - Lindsey Irvin (Fa 12) - Steph Mihalik (Su 11 – Fa 12)


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