Outreach and Events

The Martha Berry Digital Archive team is participating in many events to share the work they are doing with others.

Berry College Symposium on Student Scholarship
April 2015
The MBDA student leadership team (Meg Ratliff, Chelsea Risley, and Jordan Brannen) presented a poster on their work with MBDA at the Student Symposium at Memorial Library. We really enjoyed being able to share our work with the campus community.
MBDA leadership

Movie Night
April 2015
Instead of an Editing Slam for this semester, the MBDA team decided to host a viewing of the 1952 Hallmark Hall of Fame film entitled “Forgotten Children.” It features the story of Martha Berry and The Berry Schools starring Cloris Leachman as Miss Berry and James Dean even makes a brief appearance. After the film, library director Sherre Harrington ended the night with some Martha Berry-themed trivia.
MBDA Movie Night

ACRL Conference
March 2015
Meg Ratliff and Chelsea Risley presented their work at the 2015 Association of College and Research Libraries Conference in Portland, Oregon. We were thrilled to meet lots of other folks working with digital archives and students and to share our work with them. Check out our abstract here.
ACRL Photo

Editing Slam
October 2014
The third editing slam hosted by the MBDA student team was held in Berry College Memorial Library’s brand new Sandbox Lab. The lab was installed in the summer of 2014 as in interactive classroom with new technology that allows students and professors to work collaboratively. This space was a perfect fit for our editing slam because it allowed us to project our website onto several large screens and edit documents both independently and as a group. We were able to edit over 100 documents and found some really interesting letters and even a beautiful postcard!
Editing Slam 10.14editing slam twitter 10.14 editng slam 10.14

Editing Slam
March 2014
The MBDA student team and supervisor hosted the second editing slam for the Berry community and editors from all over the country, including Pennsylvania! We edited over a hundred new documents on the site and welcomed many new editors to the project, including some Berry professors. We also enjoyed the community posts on Facebook, Twitter, and even some rave reviews via email. 

editing slam editing slam 2 facebook editing slam

Alumni Council Event
Fall 2013
Meg Ratliff, Chelsea Risley, Sherre Harrington and Christy Snider made a presentation about MBDA at the Alumni Council meeting in November 2013. We generated a lot of excitement and gained several new editors from the Alumni Council!

 alumni council pres

Editing Slam
October 2013

The MBDA student team and supervisor hosted an event for the Berry community and any editors on MBDA. The goal was to teach any folks new to the project how to edit and to edit as many documents as possible during the event. We welcomed three new editors during the event and enjoyed the community updates on the MBDA Facebook page and Twitter.

editing slameditingslam tweet

DAR Dinner
Fall 2013
The DAR’s annual bus tour of the schools they support made a stop at Berry in the fall of 2013. Meg Ratliff and Chelsea Risley had the opportunity to welcome the DAR members to Berry and participate in the presentation of the work of MBDA.

 dar tweet

Gifted High School Students
Summer 2013

Floyd County Schools and Berry College partnered to provide an academic summer camp for gifted children. Children chose two classes to attend for one week, one of which included “Hiking through History.” This class explored history in a hands-on way through visiting the Berry College Library Archives, the Martha Berry Digital Archives and historical points on the college campus.

Alumni Work Week
Summer 2013
Each year Berry alumni return for a week of service at Berry College. This year, one of the projects included an Archives Crew. The alumni on this crew explored the Martha Berry Digital Archive and learned how to edit documents. Some of them have even continued editing on MBDA long after the work week in the summer.

Archives Photo 2.1 (2)

 Berry Family Reunion
April 2013

The Berry Family Reunion made a stop at Berry’s Memorial Library for an introduction to MBDA. Members of the MBDA student team were able to demonstrate the website and pull out specific letters from the visitors’ relatives. The descendants of the Berry family were excited to see correspondence written by and about their relatives and several became active editors on the website.

students showing website2 (2)

tea set (2)

Berry Family Reunion 2013

MBDA Launch Party at the Martha Berry Museum
April 2013

The Martha Berry Digital Archive officially went live in April 2013 and the launch of the website was kicked off with a reception at the Martha Berry Museum. Project Director Stephanie Schlitz gave a presentation on the importance of MBDA featuring several exciting documents about the history of Berry College, Martha Berry herself, and the early twentieth century in America.




The Martha Berry Digital Archive is also featured in the news.

Berry College’s Holiday Video
In Berry’s 2013 Year in Review video, the Martha Berry Digital Archive launch is featured along with a team photo from 2013.

berry christmas video

“Perspectives on the Martha Berry Digital Archive: Intro” on Examiner.com
Berry Alum Kendall Gadie heard the MBDA presentation at the Alumni Council event in the fall of 2013 and the project caught his interest. He interviewed several team members and began a series of articles on MBDA, including an introduction to the project and a feature on one of the team members.

DAR Newsletter
After the DAR’s national bus tour visit in October 2013, MBDA was mentioned in their summary of the trip to Berry. DAR members were able to hear a presentation on MBDA and get to know two members of the MBDA student team.

Berry Magazine
MBDA was highlighted in the Summer 2013 issue of the Berry Magazine along with a quiz about Martha Berry based on facts gleaned from the research in the Archive and an interview with Project Director Stephanie Schlitz.

Berry Alumni Accent
The April 2013 issue of the Alumni Accent online newsletter featured MBDA and encourages readers to create an account on the website and edit along with the MBDA team because the Archive is an “ever evolving” resource that needs participants in order to reveal more history.

The Rome News-Tribune
MBDA was the subject of an article published in 2012 called “Pieces of the Past: A bold new project aims at digitizing thousands of Martha Berry’s letters and making all of them available to the public.” The article explained the project in its early stages.