LOTW 81: House o’ Dreams

By Camille Hanner

In Martha Berry’s letter addressed to a “friend,” she talks of her plans to build a house at the top of Mount Berry. For this home, she hopes that this may be a place “to spend the weekends, taking with me the workers with whom I need to get in closer touch to plan future work. It would be a place where our friends could be entertained: a place where our workers convalescent from illness could go and recuperate and come back refreshed and strengthened. It would indeed fulfill a long felt want.”

This idea is instrumental to the attitude that Berry addressed towards its workers and community, re-instilling the desire for a campus of industrious work and personal development, but also one of spiritual growth and fulfillment with a satisfied and peaceful soul and life. A home to have such recuperating away time is definitely in line with the values that Berry has always intended to establish for everyone involved.

She goes on to mention the hopes for a potential fundraising for the home, and also a “shower” in order to furnish the little house. Martha concludes with the reaffirmation of her hopes for the completion of this project and fulfillment of her dream, saying “how wonderful it would be, after a hard week’s work, to steal away and sun my soul in this quiet spot, and how much it would mean to have such a place for tired workers to rest!”

Now Berry students weekly make the hike up to “The House of Dreams” in order to find the same solace and reflection that Martha envisioned for the Berry community. The home is situated at the top of Mount Berry, with beautiful gardens created around the home and a beautiful tower situated next to the home where one can climb the stairs to enjoy the full view of Rome, Georgia and beyond. Swings are scattered along the landscape for further peaceful experiences with the site, and every weekend, the home is hosting numerous students to a day of peaceful reflection and recharge from a long tedious week of hard work. Martha Berry would be proud to see her vision so fulfilled and appreciated.

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