LOTW 73: Berry Royalty

By Olivia Mund

In working with MBDA, I get a glimpse into the history of the school and a picture of who Martha Berry was. In addition to this, I often learn other historical facts when editing letters in the archive’s database. Recently when I was editing, I came across a letter that revealed the information that Martha Berry’s niece married a prince in Italy. I was surprised by this and decided to look in the database for more details. After more searching I learned that Martha Berry’s sister was a princess, and that her niece’s wedding was attended by a number of cardinals and blessed by the Pope. I couldn’t believe I never knew about any of this. I’m sure many Berry students are not aware of these royal connections and would be amazed to learn about it.

I thought it was interesting in one of the letters I found in my search for more information how Martha Berry’s sister asked her to give ten thousand dollars as a wedding present to her niece. Martha Berry replied to that request by commenting that she didn’t have that kind of money. She said if she did she would give it to the School and not foreigners, however, she only had herself to give to the School, which she gave without restraint. Even though Martha Berry had royal connections and family members blessed by the Pope, she didn’t lose sight of what truly mattered to her. Martha Berry cared about her work with the School, and that is what she kept her focus on.

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