LOTW 68: But to Minister

By Jordan Brannen

“Not to be ministered unto but to minister.” While everyone knows the rhetoric behind our schools founder’s personal mantra, it is always great to see this being carried out first hand. In a letter to Martha Berry, department store owner F.F. Hall shows how just one meeting with Miss Berry had inspired him in ways that she could have never imagined. Mr. Hall explains that he has just lost his wife in a tragic accident less than a year ago. He says that while he is very sad his kids and his ability to still help others keep him going. The main reason Mr. Hall writes to Miss Berry is to tell her that he sent clothes that his wife had owned to be donated to the Berry Schools. Upon reading this letter,I was utterly amazed how much of an impact that Martha Berry had on everyone she met. In this situation, the positive affect that she had on his man’s life in the wake of a horrible situation gives me an entirely new respect for Martha Berry.


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