Augustus O. Bacon

I have been working in the Berry College archives for three years, so I have, from time to time, been in contact with the Martha Berry correspondence. I always find it thrilling to hold in my hands (or gloves) a letter written by one of Martha Berry’s more renowned friends; President Roosevelt, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie. Dealing with the correspondence more consistently through the MBDA project, I have also been surprised by many how similarities and connections to my own life I find reflected in the letters.

For instance, this semester my Creative Non-Fiction class was assigned to read a memoir (Harry Crews, A Childhood: The Biography of Place) by a man who was raised during the 1930’s in Bacon County which is in Southern Georgia. The beginning of the memoir includes a great deal of historical background on Bacon County, and I learned that the county was formed in 1914 and named for Senator Augustus Octavious Bacon. The morning after I read this, I was at work scanning for the project when the signature “Augustus O. Bacon,” a hard name to miss, caught my eye at the bottom of a letter. It was a rather short letter commending Martha Berry for the work she was doing to help improve the state of Georgia, but I discovered it was from the very same Augustus Bacon, and that in 1928 he was still serving on the state Senate. I was so excited to stumble upon the letter, and I could not wait to go to class and share the discovery with my professor. Discoveries like these are part of the reason why I find working with the MBDA Project so intriguing, and they provide a reminder to just how vast a range of time, place and experience the correspondence contains.

4 thoughts on “Augustus O. Bacon

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  2. You’ve a keen eye… Sleuthing out Augustus O. Bacon’s connection to Harry Crews and to Bacon County is a superb little piece of philology. Nice catch!

  3. Dear khaessler,
    U.S. Senator AOB died in D.C. on Feb. 14, 1914, hence the formation and naming of Bacon County in his honor. So, who was the State Senator AOB, who sent the 1928 letter? Fascinating. Thank you for your work. krushin

    • Hi krushin,
      I recently went on a search for the original letter and found that it was written in 1906 not 1928 as I originally stated (I must have been working with an archives research request and muddled it with my MBDA work). I am going to try to attach the letter to the post. Thank you for bringing the incorrect date to my attention so that I could edit it!

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